Alone on Christmas ?

Being lost is never a great feeling. But I have come to some realizations today binge watching Ink Master. If you don’t know what Ink Master is , it’s a reality competition where talented and not-so-talented artists compete to who’s the best tattoo artist. What I learned while watching (and going in and out of... Continue Reading →

Just Sharing a dream

These dreams have been stuck in my head. Engraved almost for over a month, especially this first one I’m going to detail. And I wanted to publish them because I know the future me will read them and maybe I’ll be able to tell If it happened yet or not. Also if you (the reader)... Continue Reading →

Ego Prison

Nothing seems to have certainty except for the three phases of existence (birth , life and death). You ever feel like you wanna do something but your body won’t let you? Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own my body. Not like those people who think they were meant to be a man... Continue Reading →

Some Success on my Part

I said in my previous blog I would start writing about my past , as sort of a therapeutic session. Well that’s not this post. It’s not this post because I am not in a depressed state , not right now. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes your ascending and sometimes you take a... Continue Reading →

Failure and Giving up

Most of my life I have failed. I would like to think I am not alone, a lot of people try things and don’t succeed. But it’s how you decide to handle it that matters. I’ve always chalked it up to bad luck. Trying something and failing. Or I’ve given myself to much credit for... Continue Reading →

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