Journal Issue #02

01/17/2022 1729

I didn’t think that writing a journal style blog would be as popular as it has been. Although “popular” might be the wrong word because I think I got about five likes on it. Surprisingly, that was a good day for my blog. I don’t honestly ever expect to see more than one or two likes per post after about a month. So seeing five is in unordinary for me. Although if I chose to market myself , I may see more traction but I’m not 100% sure that I’m ready to be that out there in my blog. Plus , I kind of like the organic growth as opposed to people that know me personally. If I get follows and views from these type of people I’ll feel less likely to put out my true thoughts and feelings.

Anyway so I started working with my new company. The training went so well and I feel like I’ve learned so much more than when I worked for my first brokerage. Actually it made me realize that first brokerage I was with was just throwing me to wolves without teaching me what to do. It’s probably how your everyday realtor starts their business. It really dissuades me from wanting to take that path at this moment in life. Anyway, I learned so much and after a few days I have already got my first client. With P.E (previous brokerage) I got my first client after a month of advertising and it wasn’t even a reliable lead. This company I am with now Aptamigo, I’ll be able to use their system to help streamline the leads process, helping me and it helps the client as well.

The cold calling is still difficult, I feel like I need a script or something because I find it difficult to do the opening call and also find it difficult to remember everything. Under that pressure I kind of just wing it, it definitely helps and makes feel more confident and comfortable but I still forget to get all the necessary information upfront.

At this point in my life I am feeling quite good about the career I am starting, I know the money potential is there and it’s about how much effort I put in. It’s just a game of time now. I have my first client on Thursday to tour , hopefully he will be sold on the first place I take him. I don’t think he understands how much he is helping me as opposed to me helping him. The learning experience, the shift in my paradigm and the ability to get comfortable doing the job. This man I am helping is really helping me.

Other areas of my life remain unchanged. My relationship is the same. She is sexually frustrated because we have not been intimate in about 4 weeks now. My mind has been solely on work , trying to figure out my life, now my new job and money. All these things are present and because of the stress my performance isn’t really there. I also have always suspected my libido is low from my poor diet and lack of exercise recently. Ever since covid I haven’t been in the best shape. Considering this I am probably going to take one of those over the counter testosterone tests. I feel like my T levels are probably below where they should be. Actually they probably have always been lower than normal.

It’s amazing to me that there are people out there who can have their lives all figured out by the age 18 and there are those who remain lost and unsuccessful until the age of 50. I feel like the latter and hopefully not. I’d love to begin feeling like a real man , being able to support myself independently and not needing help. It’s like society doesn’t focus on men’s mental health like they should. Especially those of us who grew up without a father in our lives. But that’s a topic for another post.

Have a blessed day world.

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