Journal Issue #01

01/09/2022 1204

This entry is more of journal entry than anything, just venting with no specific information or inspiration that I generally like to give people.

My life isn’t great. It’s not as bad as it could be and I am definitely grateful for what I have and what I have experienced, as well as the fact that I am still alive is another thing to be grateful for. However, I am not well at this moment.

I think we all have money problems from time to time. We all have health issues weather that be mental or physical.

I am feeling a little depressed lately. The job I have pays me in peanuts and it quite literally isn’t even worth working there. Having limited options to find work make it very apparent that not going to college was a big mistake when I was younger. It also doesn’t help that I am absolutely terrible at interviews. Although it would be helpful to have some friends or some one that knows someone to help get me the foot in the door at a place where I can make a meaningful pay check. With the inflation of the dollar it feels like I’m in poverty, even though I’m not in the stereotypical position to be considered “in poverty”.

The pressures of life are getting to me , and I am trying to look forward to the future. But it does get tough when your future is uncertain. Oddly enough I never went through this feeling during the lockdown of the pandemic. The Unemployment was paying me pretty well and the stimulus checks all helped me cover up all my debts. Now that it’s over I am back living check to check and forced to use my credit cards when my checks run out.

There is hope for the future. It is uncertain but hope is like that. I have my new real estate job starting tomorrow , it’s about 2-3 weeks of training and the sales potential is uncapped. So the amount of money earned is based of my abilities to find clients and close them. I have always loved sales , even as a introverted person. The idea that I get to make money helping people has always been intriguing to me.

When I say “I’ve always loved sales” , I’m not talking about sleazy car sales , or that guy trying to upsell you on a cable package at Verizon. These people sell you even if you can’t afford it. That’s not the sales I enjoy. I have been the car sales man and it doesn’t feel right knowing the person you’re selling to is scraping whatever money they can to afford a payment, it honestly feels dirty. Sales that can be beneficial for the person being sold , something that I can also believe in , that’s what I like. Makes me feel like I’m doing something good for them.

It certainly will be challenging and I fully expect to have my doubts at some point. Finding clients isn’t easy. But my gut tells me that I am the right path to where I need to go. The potential is there for the future.

The problem is the future is just that , uncertain and not what’s happening now. The only thing of certainty is the now, and my now isn’t the greatest. I don’t necessarily like doing these entries talking about my boring life , but they are helpful to vent and get off some steam. I will probably post a few more like this , regardless of viewership or not. Sometimes venting is all you need

Have a blessed day world

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