A not so complex idea

It’s funny how in western culture we celebrate a new year on the first of January, right after the winter solstice. It is also funny how winter is generally the season of stillness, followed immediately by spring , the season of birth. It’s as though our culture originally understood the secrets of life.

It’s said that planning for the future happens in the winter , you plant in the spring , work hard and by the end of summer you’ll have your reward , the fall rolls around and death happens. Then we start the planning over again in the winter awaiting the spring to get to work.

As a species we do not live like this anymore, most of life is autonomous and we just live our lives consuming , working , consuming and more working. Like a coded virus that never allows us to relax unless we actually stop and listen to nature. Aside from the six to nine hours we sleep , Most of the population never goes within.

I wish all of you are having moments of inspiration and find the time to go within, meditate and learn more about your soul. The purpose of life , I feel , lies within our subconscious. Our ancestors knew the mind as well as we do even with their limited technology. Finding peace in our souls , hearts , body and mind isn’t easy. I really want every person that finds this message to learn more about who you are. Achieve that happiness even if it’s only 5 minutes where you sit in silence and observe your thoughts in meditation.

It isn’t easy to live life , with all its challenges that are put in our path. But it’s possible to overcome anything, and knowing your true self , letting the ego move aside , you will find your answers.

Have a blessed day world.

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