Just Sharing a Dream Pt.2

So here is the second dream to go with the first post of the same title. This dream was significant to me as well so much so that wrote it down after waking up.

Jessica (?) and I were in the mall. Maybe it was woodfield mall? Or not , it was a mall that I’ve been to repeatedly in my dreams. Jessica (?) had gotten thinner , I remember noticing that in my dream (semi lucidly) . We brought Wednesday with us. And we were shopping. I had a Cinnabon and went to find her . I was looking at electronics. Nintendo Ds had a bundle with a digimon game , I was thinking how I could possibly resell it but the price was so low that this had to be way in the future. Noticed there were a lot of dogs in the store , one lady told her bf or husband “we should have brought our dog”. *pop pop pop* some one was shot in the mall. I yelled to everyone to get down. I crept over to where all the people were standing around I was thinking (someone was just shot why are these people just standing around) , the mall supervisor (?) started walking over when I glanced back I saw a black male dropping a gun in the garbage can. He was wearing all black with a dark red puffer vest. I pointed him out to the supervisor and she told me “nothing I can do , go follow him” I said to her “ ok just call the police “ , he started to mix with the crowd and I followed him. He started to walk pretty fast and so did I. But then he stopped at the bottom of the escalator . I was thinking “shit , now what ?” I was hoping the police would be coming because we were near the entrance. We had already passed the dead guy on the ground however his body was missing, it was as if the crime scene people already got there the moment he was shot. We were standing there and I was trying to act like I was going the same way as him but I had the feeling he knew I saw him. That’s when I woke up

Some things of significance here is the woman that was in my previous dream was also in this dream. This woman was unrecognizable to me so I assume it was just Jessica. However our dog Wednesday was in the dream, making me feel like it was Jessica and this was just a dream and not something that could be a de-ja-vu event later in life. unlike my last dream where I believe that was something that will or could possibly be apart of my future. The other odd thing was this mall. I have had about 10 different dreams in this mall, it’s quite a large mall and it’s a mall I’ve never been to. I wonder if it actually exists in the world somewhere and I will travel to it , but in dream land I’ve been here many many times and whenever I have a dream here some shenanigans with hoodlums always occur.

Since these two dreams (they were a week apart btw) I haven’t seen that woman again , I have the feeling I will have dreams about her more and more often , unless she’s not real and just something my mind has created as a symbol for something. Until I figure it out I’ll just have to be patient.

Have a blessed day world

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