Just Sharing a dream

These dreams have been stuck in my head. Engraved almost for over a month, especially this first one I’m going to detail. And I wanted to publish them because I know the future me will read them and maybe I’ll be able to tell If it happened yet or not. Also if you (the reader) knows how to decipher dreams , please feel free to comment or reach out.

Well this first one , I don’t actually remember the whole dream , only quick snip. As if the movie reel was cut and the only part I’m left with was a quick scene. So here we are;

The sky was clear , only a few small clouds to block out some sun, however the day was quite warm. The sun shinning down on my body , I felt really warm like being hugged by a warm blanket. I notice that I’m walking in sand and taking a look around it seems to be a tropical place. Maybe it was a island or maybe just a beautiful beach with palm trees , there were no buildings in sight. There were two people one a child of about the age of 14-16 and the other a tall woman (tall in comparison to the woman I’ve been with in my life) . The sun was too bright and I couldn’t make out the details in the face of these two people but they were with me. The one woman wasn’t Jessica, she was someone else. Someone that I loved because the child was ours aswell. How do I know ? I don’t , it was a feeling I had. The woman was taller than Jessica, brunette and slender wearing a reddish color swimsuit, the girl was wearing a navy blue swimsuit. In the moment ,I realized the beach we were on had a dock , and at the dock was a sail boat. They were climbing aboard the boat telling me to hurry up. When they yelled I looked down at my feet in the sand and realized that person they were yelling to was me, I was wearing a nice watch and had a few rings on my hand. I was skinny again and noticed my swim trunk were navy blue matching the teenager that was boarding the boat. As I looked at my hands I noticed the key to boat and I said to myself “I made it, this is all mine.”

-end of dream

Some significant signs here for me were the women being taller than any woman I’ve been with and her also being a brunette. Odd because I have always been attracted to brunette women , but the feeling of love I had for her was different. I also noticed that this dream was extremely detailed and clear , the sail boat being a white with cream color sails and a blue design (didn’t mention this in the dream) , the fact that I almost dare to say I was moderately lucid within the dream. To the point where I knew that wasn’t Jessica (my current girlfriend of 3 years ). Also Jessica once said in a some what lucid dream she had that I would have a sail boat, that dream she had was in the beginning of our relationship.

Since this dream the image of her and the child getting in the boat has been seared into my mind and I’ve been wondering who she is , it feels like this dream is potentially possibility of the future. I can’t exactly put a time line on it but I’d say 8 to 10 years from now.

So I have decided that I’ll share the second dream in another post to avoid having long articles on my blog. If you happen to understand dreams and can help decipher them please comment or reach out , I’d love to know what you think.

Have a blessed day world

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