Some Success on my Part

I said in my previous blog I would start writing about my past , as sort of a therapeutic session. Well that’s not this post.

It’s not this post because I am not in a depressed state , not right now. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes your ascending and sometimes you take a big drop, other times you’re laughing with excitement and then suddenly, screaming in fear. I wonder to myself why I’m most creative when in a dark mood but that’s just me. In a way that’s a good thing, some people are lazy when they are depressed, for some reason I only get lazy when everything going ok. Maybe that’s why I put myself in situations where I’m not satisfied, it propels me to do rather than sit idly by.

Right now , I’m attending school for Clinical Massage Therapy, partly because it came to through an intuitive decision and I’ve been told my job in life is to help people, teach and assist others. This was told to me by a psychic , who oddly knew things I didn’t tell her. I have also been told I have some psychic abilities but she told me I need to work further developing them. It is actually something I’ve been trying to work on for the past 12 years. Reading tarot and deciphering numerology is a big interest in my life. However there was also something else.

Money. Plain and simple, the little green paper that smells like wealth and chemicals , I love it. Who doesn’t enjoy money ? It’s a requirement for life that we have been brainwashed to believe that we need for past couple hundred years. Now society is built on this belief. Well, how do we get money that isn’t at a regular job? , it’s something that I’ve been asking myself forever.

Four years ago I discovered something else that I wish I would have known about when I was 15, and that’s the world of investing. Specifically I’m speaking on real estate and the stock market. I tried learning and trading on the stock market but the quick gains are hard to get when you have smaller income amounts, so I quickly learned how to save money and let it sit, growing a dividend. That’s why I took my eye to real estate. My girlfriend mentioned something to me that I never knew about , leasing.

People make money finding you a commercial lease or an apartment. And two years ago I attended a class. Well I passed the exam for the class and had to take the state exams to receive my license. I failed , by one stinking question. Which I probably did to my self by changing the answers before submitting the exam. Then I gave up , in typical josh fashion. Life hates me , I thought to my self, maybe this wasn’t meant to be.

Nope , a year later during COVID I thought I’d try again. So I signed up for the class again and passed, I then failed the exam for the state 3 times in a row. Until two weeks ago, my final try (you get 4 try’s per class completion). I passed ! After four total try’s I passed. I didn’t give up on myself and prayed , I studied a little harder right before the exam and passed.

I was Proud of myself, something that’s unusual for my life. Now I’m in the situation where I have to find work, and it’s also just as challenging because it’s about to be winter , and it’s cold in the Midwest. The problem with leasing apartments in the Midwest is that no one really moves in December until March/April, that’s when the typical leases expire for a large majority of the state I’m in.

But no place better to start than now.. or what was the saying ?- oh- “ the journey of a thousands miles begins with the first step

This journey is definitely going to be a long one , one wrought with times where I will need to be patient and humbled , so wish me luck. Success isn’t free or easy

Have a blessed day world.

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