Masturbation and the Depression following it

Society of the past used to shame you for being sexually active, didn’t really matter your gender. Some articles I’ve read cite religious beliefs.

For me I feel shame post ejaculation , I’m positive that I am not the only one who must be feeling this way ? I have read that some this has to do with depression and a reduction in serotonin levels post orgasm. Masturbation is now a very socially acceptable form of sexual expression and can even reduce stress apparently. How ever , for some reason I get the opposite effect.

These depressive feelings have put me off of wanting to have intercourse regularly. It definitely has affected my relationship with my current partner. I have had some traumatic experiences In the past and she is accepting of it, she is patient with me and I love that about her. And I love that she is so understanding, it was difficult in the beginning explaining to her. I don’t think she totally understands it either but she can’t pressure me into having intercourse because (unlike a lot men out there) I don’t have the sexual libido to want to have sex with every woman I meet. But there is a personal hurdle, a chasm, that seems to far to jump. Until it’s not and I do make the jump for her , not so much for me.

It is somewhat like an endless cycle. If I have intercourse or masterbate , ejaculation is sure to follow. After ejaculation I then have about 4 minutes (if I have to put a number to it) of serotonin, immediately followed by the feeling of shame and guilt. A few days go by and i get the urge again repeating the cycle. unless I am disciplined and ignore it, which is how I usually deal with it.

By ignoring this primal urge I usually feel more aggressive, as if I have just been pumped with a little extra testosterone, so it can’t be all bad right ?

The previous few paragraphs were written a few days ago, since then I have read (and discovered) there is in fact a medical term for this. It is call Post coital tristesse or PCT for short. It is apparently similar to a form of PTSD except in intercourse. And it causes depression, anxiety and even aggressive behavior post ejaculation. It’s also apparently more likely for men to have this than women. IMO , I feel like if you suffered from sexual trauma or embarrassment that it would probably be equally as likely to happen.

If you’re a stranger here and this kind of thing happens to you as-well , please comment and let me know. I am actually curious how other people experience life post ejaculation.

It’s odd cause the initial rush of happiness you get while having intercourse is usually something sacred and a lot people are addicted to it.

Anyway thanks for reading and as always

Have a blessed day world

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