Sold my Car to Carvana.. it was easy

So today is one of those days. You know , the kind where you just feel like everything is off.

It is quite difficult to determine if life (or god , or Allah or the universe, whatever you believe) is challenging you every step of the way ‘cause they want to see if you are serious. If they’re just simply testing your determination and fortitude or are they just trying to tell you that you are making the wrong decision? For me I can never tell which side of the coin I’m on. I often just try to be as positive as possible but sometimes that doesn’t help.

But today I sold the MINI , I eluded to this- no I think I outright said I was having an internal struggle on making a choice. Ultimately my choices will lead to the same path but I don’t know how I’m gonna get to the goal.

I sold the mini to Carvana , if you don’t know what carvana is, well it’s like carmax.. except way better. At carvana they generally give you better offer , and they pick up the car from you. Or you can opt to drop it off (I prefer this option) if you don’t wanna wait on the pick up day. Unlike carmax you do this all over the internet, no person , no sales staff , no problems- well sometimes you run into an issue (more on that later).

I don’t know if I made the right choice or not , apart of says no but the voice in my head also says the contrary. The mini was excellent after the issues were taken care of and who knows how long till another problem arose.

Anyway , I arrived at carvana and the process was simple. You show up at your appointment time , the greet you and take your car on a quick drive around the block and you sign some paper work and you’re done. The paper work you sign is pretty straightforward, basically allowing carvana to take ownership of the vehicle and also releasing you from the title and any liens if you have any. Afterwards you grab whatever you need in the car and hand the keys over, they even pay an Uber to take you home.

The first time I sold to carvana it was my Veloster, and I got the funds immediately, literally took 2 hours to ACH transfer into my account. This time (here’s the problem) it’s not that simple. So apparently the employee made a mistake and didn’t get my signature on some document that I needed to sign after I was already in the Uber , half way home. So obviously I probably won’t be paid for the sale until after I sign this paperwork and apparently they are going to fedex me the document (probably overnight) and then I must sign it and return it to them. It’s quite the hassle when they mess up royally like this.

Usually though (for the average person , because I’m generally unlucky) you won’t have this mistake happen to you and everything will be much smoother.

Aside from this I am now anxiously awaiting to get my payment because I don’t want any more issues related to the sale , there’s another problem after and that’s the car shopping process, and eventually the actual car purchasing process. The sooner this happens the better. I personally don’t like not having a car but it is nice not having to worry about gas , insurance or repairs for the time being. And if you’re wondering what my offer was well it was way more than I expected (which is why I even considered the sale).

Back in March , after my car had a butt load of issues and they were resolved , I wanted to check the trade value of the mini (at the time I wasn’t loving the car cause it wasn’t a clubman). At that time I was offered around $12,300 for the car. I paid $15,800 , which was probably about $1,500 more than I should have paid but that’s ok for the situation I was in at the time. About a week ago today I checked again just to see. I was shocked , I know the car market (like the housing market) is absurdly inflated right now but my offer was crazy.

Three weeks ago I went to carmax , curious to see what cars they had and what they’d give me for my car. I checked KBB and a fair trade value was anywhere from $9500 up to $12,300. ‘Ok’ , I thought, ‘about the same as 8 months ago’ not bad for driving 15k miles. But carmax appraisal went for a flat $10,000 . I was actually quite surprised by that. Fast forward a week and the offer from carvana was $15,996.

At nearly $16,000 carvana did a few things for me. One , they gave me $4000 over the top value on KBB. That reason alone is enough for most to sell them their vehicle. Two , they gave me more money than what I paid for it. Yea it’s not anywhere crazy , but that’s still a net gain of about $200. I could not even imagine if my car was 20k less miles. So at this point I essentially got to own the car for about a year and it was all free (minus the expenses on fuel and insurance but if think that way then yea it wasn’t free)

The deal was worth it , but until I get paid it feels like I just gave my car away

Have a good day world.

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