Should you follow your brain or gut on decision making ?

Should you follow your logic or intuition on decision making ? – my opinion

There is always an internal battle for when you are trying to do something that’s not usual for you. I plan on selling my car and I am currently going through this internal battle.

The tug-o-war between my brain and heart is quite fierce. Most of my life I’ve listened to my brain , the logic and reasoning that seems to make the most amount of sense. But , in my experience, this has always led me to a decision I regret. Maybe there is something about the saying “follow your heart” , or the saying “listen to your intuition”.

I don’t know why I have been ignoring it so long , it’s probably been trying to give me the the answers to the path I have to be on. But who knows. The problem with this is you have to decipher which is doing the internal monologue. You will have to separate the two internally, think of setting the angel and demon on your shoulders. The only exception with this is that neither choice is good or bad. One decision is more emotional and the other may appear to logically based but also may have the emotional undertone. The choices presented reflects the options we have.

The problem lies when it comes down to taking the action. The choice you make has to have consequences, in my opinion however , both choices will ultimately lead to the same thing. It’s just timing that’s a factor. For example; you want to start a business, but you don’t know where to begin. One choice could be wait and research the market for a period of time and gather all the knowledge before beginning and the other could be to just hop in and learn as you go. Both choices ultimately lead to you having a business. One will happen sooner than later , but you may be thinking “what if I hop in then I fail” , that’s the logic happening. And I personally believe the destination would be the same regardless of your choices.

This way of thinking is why I have a hard time with big life choices. But I’ve been learning over the past several months that following the gut choice will generally yield better results. Ignore the primal , emotional response. Don’t necessarily avoid analyzing the consequences of your choices but remember that choosing the one your body pulled to originally was most likely the best option.

On a side note , don’t take this advice when playing chess. You will always be check mated ! (From personal experience)

Have a good day world

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