The worst things happen…sometimes

So in October, the 9th to be exact, I had begun crafting a post. The post topic was about happiness and my philosophical view on the matter. It was very thorough , organized and with a few links. It would be the first post I didn’t just sit down and write what came to my finger tips. It’s currently 22:14 on October 31st. So that’s a good 3 weeks of crafting that post.

A few moments ago I had published a post about being grateful, but mostly about depression. And it was a post I published without even proofreading after wards , I just felt I needed to publish something. Especially when I wasn’t ready for my happiness post to be public yet.

Well I accidentally deleted it. I was using my WordPress app and somehow deleted it. All that work and effort I put in to try and do another valuable post is gone, the worst part about this is I don’t know how I go about retrieving it. I checked the “trashed post” sections and it isn’t there. I am afraid it is lost forever. And then this got me thinking about the idea of the post.

I love writing , it makes me happy, even though reading is a hobby that’s slowly dying to fast paced lifestyles of technology, the writer gets as much enjoyment as the reader. So writing to me is fun , therapeutic and just overall enjoyable. So for my personal happiness I want to try and do daily posts, stuff that’s easy to write out and publish. As much as I love to write out long form content , I am terrified of putting in all the work and accidentally deleting it. So I think I am going to continue that trend and put out quick posts about my life experience. Mostly the bad stuff because for a long time in my life the good things never really happened until I was much older.

As sad as I am about losing the article I was working on , in the end it showed me that maybe I don’t need to be that person that’s writing out these long articles.. nah, I’ll probably still write out personal articles that teeter on the edge of opinion and philosophy. But I will try my best to do them shorter and more frequently.

The worst things that tend to happen to you , open the best doors later on in life.. sometimes

Have a good night world.

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