Life happens for you sometimes

On a cold February day I drove to a dealership with the dreams of driving away in a car that i had glued to my dreamboard. One of those two cars was a Mini Cooper Clubman , or what’s it’s affectionately known as in the community , a Clubby. At this time i was short on cash and hopeful as the week prior i had just gotten an approval on a credit application. So naturally i was very hopeful.

I pulled up to the dealership in a 2006 Saab 93 Aero. a very comfortable wagon and something i had also wanted for a long time. but the car had it’s share of engine issues and electrical problems that would no longer be worth maintaining. But the bigger reason here was my title was lost in the mail – more on that in a second. As i walked in i was greeted by a very young and friendly sales person. I already knew what car i wanted and wasn’t sure if I really could walk away with the care i had been hoping for.

We began and Teddy (the salesman) began the usual spiel except he came back to me with a preapproval for a car, they hadn’t ran my credit so i was beginning to get discouraged about what my odds were. As the back and forth went on we got to the part where he was asking what type of car i wanted. This was a Jeep dealership with a VERY huge used lot, so i thought they must have a MINI somewhere in this giant lot. So i told him “I don’t want anything but a MINI Cooper , specifically a Cooper S Clubman”. He looked at me and kindly replied “We actually just got a mini in two weeks ago ill go and pull it up”.

At this moment i had no idea if he was actually going to come around with a Clubman in British Racing Green with a black leather interior. That was the dream anyway , but no. I waited about 5 minutes and walked out and i watched him pull around in a white MINI countryman.

“shit , i don’t want a countryman” i thought. As he pulled closer though i began to realize that this model was the ALL4 , an AWD model and a cooper S. The biggest down side was it was not a manual transmission. I had only driven manual transmissions for the past several years , as the automatic just never seems to excite the same way. As i walked around the car i thought to myself “well if i can get a good payment price and a loan , i need to get out of my Saab since im driving around on expired plates“.

During the test drive , the apprehension melted away and the poker face i was displaying was hiding the joy of driving the MINI. After the 15 min drive i had to have it and the most dreadful part of buying a car was soon to come.

Back in the dealership everything seemed to work out in my favor , i ended up getting my new plates and registration and didn’t have to worry about the title of the car. Back to the Title, about 8 Months prior i purchased my Saab with cash for just over $3000. It was a well maintained hoopty and it served me well. Its original title was a Wisconsin out of state title so i had to wait for it to clear and get it back. The man i bought it from owned a Saab/Volvo shop. I had never purchased privately before and this was transaction went smoothly. about 2 months go by, no title. 2 more months and no title, 7 months came and my registration needed to be renewed. The letter on the paper work for my registration still showed my old car , something was definitely off. i thought nothing of it because it was still the middle of the lockdown and the state was giving extensions on registration renewals. so i continued driving the saab. in the 7 months up until now i had several breakdowns and repairs and it was becoming more costly to fix than it was to purchase so the thoughts to sell started to come about. With no title in hand i still couldn’t sell it but i thought i would try at carmax. My brother went and sold his car with no title at carmax and had no issues , so i gave it a shot.

I called the Carmax and got an appraisal , they said my car was too old and wouldn’t give me more than $500 for it but they proceeded to tell me the car is still registered to the shop i purchased it. After this i immediately called the shop , upset i was determined to find out what happened. he pretty much gave me the run around like he did when i first called 4 months after buying. He blamed the lock down on the slow mail process. while this was true it wasn’t that much longer than usual, according to the folks i asked on Facebook. Then i called the state in fear i was scammed and driving around illegally the whole 7 months. I found that the state had received his application (whew) to transfer ownership on the title, however he never paid the state and he never sent in the paper work so i effectively was driving around illegally the past several months.

Snapping back to the dealership , they assured me there would be no issues with the title and they would do all the work. after several hours later i finally got the paperwork and began to sign everything , then another 30 minutes i got new plates and registration.

When i walked in the dealership that day i had one thing on my mind and that was to drive away in a new car legally and without disrepair. Somehow the universe felt my constant wanting and i did get what i want in a different way. Somethings happen to you and somethings happen for you and this was one of those moments in life where life, happened for me.

as of today I am still driving the MINI and i will be posting and article about my 20,000 mile ownership. Also go check my Youtube channel for more on the car. I will be posting more content to the channel over the coming days.

Thanks for reading! , Enjoy your day world- until next time.

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